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The Womanly Face of War

August 4, 2022 | 0 Comments
The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation and Ukrainian Association of South Africa are bringing a specially curated exhibition, “The Womanly Face of War”, to cities across South Africa, as part of a landmark collaboration by South African artists and civil society to improve public understanding of the impact of the war in Ukraine, particularly on women and children.
Specially-curated by leading members of Ukrainian women-led artist collective ‘Sunseed Art’, and timed to coincide with Women’s Month across in South Africa, “The Womanly Face of War” is based on four female artists’ personal perspectives of how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has impacted on women and girls, including the horrors of sexual and gender-based violence and how mothers have been forced into perilous roles as fighters and life-savers.  The exhibition will be free to enter at:
· The Trevor Huddleston CR Memorial Centre in Sophiatown, Johannesburg (12-16 August, 09.00-17.00 daily)
· The Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation at the Old Granary Building in Cape Town (19 August – 01 September, 09.30-15.30 daily)
· Durban in early September (exact date and location TBC).

Rage grew into art.

Sunseed ART is a platform for Ukrainian artists who have been creating posters since the first day of russian full-scale invasion. In this way, they share their feelings, support Ukrainians, and urge the world not to stand aside. We believe that art is also a seed that sprouts up today and will flourish after our victory. We want Ukrainian art to spread in the free world, to inspire and bring us all closer to the common victory of light over darkness.

Sunseed ART mission:

We have created our project to sprout the seed of our art, because Ukraine is the land of culture and art. Through the century of occupation Ukraine by russia (first Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union) whilst they destroyed our intellectuals and annexing our science’s we have with art preserved our culture, our creativity and our courage.

On our platform we tell the stories of Ukrainian artists, who working in the most diverse genres of posters. For Ukrainians creativity has become a language to explain events happening to us that is understandable to the whole world. Some of the artists have more rude and loud language, some of them are delicate and more narrative. Our collection is alive and constantly grows. We want to convey to you the experience and history of our artists, who mostly stayed in Ukraine and work here. We are always looking for new artists, because we want to help  talented artists to spread their message through art. We are planning to expand the product line on the site.