Executive Committee of UAZA

elected May 2017

Dzvinka Kachur


is passionate about promoting Ukrainian culture, uniting Ukrainians, and building strong, resilient communities. She comes from a family of activists and grew up being part of the Independence movement in Ukraine. She holds MSc Degrees from the University of Oxford and the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. She has resided in South Africa since 2011 and works in social development supporting NPO sector in South Africa to do monitoring and evaluation better.


Olesya Matviyas (Loubser)


believes in uniting Ukrainians and sharing our beautiful Ukrainian culture with others, as well as building new bridges. She has degrees in languages and law, obtained in Ukraine. Olesya has business experience in Ukraine, as well as in South Africa. She has resided in South Africa since 2002.


Nadia Pryimak


is excited about finding Ukrainians living in South Africa and South Africans interested in Ukraine. She runs a Ukrainian Bakery and is professional bandura (Ukrainian traditional instrument) player.

Ania Ovrakhova

Ganna Ovrakhova


has been working as an accountant in Kyiv and is passionate about education. She is proactive and self-driven person with an “I can do it” attitude that is so needed in our association.

Tatyana Shilina

Deputy Treasurer

is a source of wisdom for our association and advice from experience. She has been in South Africa since 1992 and with her husband have established and successfully run a few businesses.


Tetiana Hurn

Public relations

is a muralist and a passionate promoter of Petrykivka style in South Africa. She is the person behind all the posters and visuals of the association. Tania believes in community spirit, which is the inspiration behind her creations, and she believes in a special connection between Ukrainian and South African cultures. She has single-handedly turned the little fishers’ village, which she now calls home, into a walking museum and a bright little tourist attraction by painting about 40 different murals in and around Lamberts Bay.


Ukrainian School, Language and Education Projects

​The committee is overseeing Ukrainian School and works toward promoting Ukrainian language and specifically Ukrainian language classes in South Africa. Supports educational exchanges between Ukraine and South Africa, promotes opportunities for education in Ukraine.


Svitlana Sheremet & Zoia Dei


Ukrainian culture projects, Ukrainian Days in SA

​The committee plans and promotes Ukrainian culture events, supports Ukrainian and South African cultural cooperation, visits of artists from Ukraine to South Africa and vice versa. It is also oversees the Ukrainian Days in South Africa event.

Antonina Darienko & Alex Kibalenko


Organization Development

​The committee focuses on reaching Ukrainians in South Africa and promoting UAZA to them. It is also aims to support development of UAZA presence in all provinces of South Africa. The committee collects and disseminates information about different professions that Ukrainians are involved in South Africa.  It is also collecting information about legal and socio-economic matters to support Ukrainians living in South Africa in their everyday life.

Inna Panchuk


Ukraine-South Africa Economic Cooperation

​The committee focuses on promotion of economic cooperation and trade between Ukraine and South Africa. It promotes awareness of economy of Ukraine and potential of economic cooperation. The committee also supports promoting UAZA members’ enterprises in South Africa and abroad.


Olesya Matviyas



​The committee promotes information about Ukraine among South Africans via cooperation with media and other information dissemination platforms. The committee also prepares and promotes information about UAZA, its activities and objectives and prepares marketing materials about the organisation.


Suzi Davey


Humanitarian Projects

​The committee is working on identifying and supporting charity projects in Ukraine and South Africa. It is organizes charity events to support vulnerable groups in Ukraine.

Zoia Dei


​At least one member of Executive Committee needs to be part of subcommittee (p. 7.4.15 of the Constitution).