Ukrainians are absolutely proud of our culture and we want to tell and show to South Africans why. It is rich and dates back to 9th century to the period of Kyiv Rus, was heavily influenced by Ukrainian Cossacks – warriors of the 16-18thcentury, has developed cuisine where the signature dishes are beetroot soup – Borsch and variety of dumplings – varenyky/pierogi and is famous . Ukraine is also famous for its colourful embroidery – vyshyvanka’s.


Our major event promoting Ukrainian culture in South Africa is annual Ukrainian Festival that started in 2017.  We also organised a series of events under Ukrainian Days in Cape Town in 2017 and 2018. In addition we run regular promoting classes on Petrykivka style painting in different parts of Western Cape.

If you would like to read more about Ukrainian culture we welcome you to the Ukrainian library in Cape Town where you can read books ( in English) about Ukrainian clothing, cuisine, Petrykivka style paintings, museums and many more.


Ukrainian Festival


Ukrainian Days in Cape Town


Petrykivka painting classes



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