All of these books are currently available in our library.
If you are interested please contact library@uaza.co.za

1.                 Malevich Beyond the canvas Art
2.                 Anatoliy Kryvolap and the Ukrainian SublimeJennifer CahnArt
3.                 Contemporary Ukrainian ArtistsIryna PasichnykArt
4.                 The New Ukrainian Cookbook. A Blend of Tradition and InnovationAnnette Ogrodnik CoronaFood
5.                 Ukrainian Cuisine and Folk TraditionsFood
6.                 50 inventions History
7.                 Country of Dignity History
8.                 Euromaidan. History in the makingHistory
9.                 Prominent Ukrainians - Діячі України History
10.              Stolen Peninsula: Truth about Ukrainian CrimeaHistory
11.               The Gates of Europe. A history of Ukraine Serhii Plokhy History
12.              The Red PrinceTimothy Snyder History
13.              The Ukrainian Question Lancelot Lawton History
14.               UA: Ukraine. Analytica History
15.              The Man with the Poison Gun: A Cold War Spy StorySerhii PlokhyHistory
16.              A Millenium of Christian Culture in UkraineSorokovskiHistory
17.              Life in the Chernobyl-Affected regions: an outlook to the FutureUNDPHistory
18.              The Brave Little AirplaneNatalya VovkKidsBooks
19.              The Snow QueenHans Christian Andersen, illustrated Vladyslav YerkoKidsBooks
20.              The Tinder BoxHans Christian Andersen, illustrated Vladyslav YerkoKidsBooks
21.              Balloon FishMaryna & Serhiy DiachenkoKidsBooks
22.              Lisa & Her DreamsIvan Malkovych + Zhenia GapchynskaKidsBooks
23.              Honey For MommyIvan Malkovych + Sophia UssKidsBooks
24.              The Bully GoatFolk Tale + Petrenko-ZanevskyKidsBooks
25.              Taras Shevchenko , in the memory of generationsLiterature
26.              Death and the PenguinAndrey KurkovLiterature
27.              Fieldwork in Ukrainian SexOksana ZabuzhkoLiterature
28.              The Museum of Abandoned SecretsOksana ZabuzhkoLiterature
29.              KobzarTaras ShevchenkoLiterature
30.              Poetry of Taras ShevchenkoTaras ShevchenkoLiterature
31.              Awesome Ukraine - Interesting thing you need to know Tourism
32.              Ukraine, a country where dreams get wings. Tourism
33.              Ukrainian: A Complete Course for BeginnersO.Bekh & J.DingleyTourism
34.              Kyiv Top 10Tourism
35.              Awesome KyivTourism
36.              Awesome LvivTourism
37.              ABC of UkraineTatarenkoTourism
38.              Colourful Ukraine. Photo albumArutunianTourism
39.              Art of MaydanNatalia MoussienkoArt
40.              Donbass and Crimea: Return at what Price?NISSHistory
41.              Building Democracies: Ukraine and JapanR.Shiratory, M. Rozumny, K. Hashimoto (Eds.)History
42.              The Shop of Invisible ThingsAndrusyak I.Kids
43.              DreamChaklun O.Kids
44.              The Boy and the SeaChaklun O.Kids
45.              Ukrainian Literature. A Journal of Translation Vol1, 2Toronto UniverstiyLiterature
46.              Kaice-DraO.RozumnaLiterature
47.              АБЕТКААБАБАГАЛАМАГАKids
48.              Revolutionary moments 1-20.12Polish instituteHistory
49.              Ukrainian CultureN. Leschenko, R. PavliukArt
50.              Ukrainian Folk HedwearG.StelmaschukArt
51.              The Ukrainian Icon XI – XVIII centuriesState CollectionArt
52.              The National Museum in Lviv Andrey SheptyckyState CollectionArt
53.              Museum of Art Bogdan and Varvara HanenkoState CollectionArt
54.              Museum of Art Bogdan and Varvara HanenkoState CollectionArt
55.              Study in Ukraine: a student’s guideTourism
56.              Music for PeaceCDsMusic
57.              To Ukraine for Education

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