Welcome to Ukrainian School in South Africa!


Thank you for your interest in Ukrainian school in South Africa! We would like to learn Ukrainian language and culture together! 

We are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead and eager to greet all our students and families back! We have a one-of-a-kind, fun-filled atmosphere while also promoting a positive learning environment.

For individual classes please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Group Classes

First semester (Feb – May):

 Price for first child: R980

Price for second and/or third child: R850/child

Second semester (Aug – Nov)

 Price for first child: R980

Price for second and/or third child: R850/child


To use Ukrainian culture and language as a space for communication and personal growth of Ukrainians and foreigners of different ages.

We believe that learning should be fun. We combine  high quality classes, with meeting new Ukrainian-speaking friends, fun social events to create for all members a sense of belonging to a large, caring, friendly community (we also hold community events throughout the year, giving children and adults the chance to get cultural experience and grow their confidence through public performing).


New members are always welcome. We accept all students from the age of 3.  

Registration for next year is open from 1st November to 15th January.

Register before 1st December to secure the “early bird” discount.

The innovations are related to Covid-19:

  1. classes are held both online and offline;
  2. all registration forms are filled out online;
  3. registration for the lesson and / or block of classes is exclusively online through the site Upcoming events.


The Ukrainian school is registered as a junior club of the Ukrainian Association in South Africa and has two branches in Pretoria and Cape Town.

The first Ukrainian language classes for children started on March 12, 2016 in Cape Town under the guidance of teacher Iryna Kryvosh.

Since 2018 Ukrainian language, singing and Petrykivka painting have been taught at the school, and since 2020 Ukrainian dance classes have been added.

In January 2020, a branch of a Ukrainian school was opened in Pretoria by the supervision of Kateryna Aloshyna.