The most popular Ukrainian dishes are borsch (also known as borshcht), varenyky (also known as pyrohy [pe-ro-hi] or pierogi) and holubtsi.  


Borsch - Ukrainian food




Borsch is a vegetable soup made out of beetroot, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, and dill. There are about 30 varieties of this dish.  Ukrainian borsch is an all time favourite!

Varenyky (also called pyrohy) are a very popular quick-fix dish in Ukraine. They are dumplings cooked with different savoury and sweet fillings–cottage cheese, mushrooms, cherries, blueberries and many more. The first varenyky are believed to be cooked on the territory of Ukraine as many as 6 thousand years ago. There are even two monuments of varenyky in the world, located in Cherkassy, Ukraine and Glendon, Canada.

Holubtsi  are Ukrainian stuffed cabbage rolls. The main ingredients for this cabbage roll are cabbage leaves, which are wrapped around different fillings. The word “holubtsi” derived from the Ukrainian word “holub” meaning pigeon.

Where to find Ukrainian food in South Africa


Ukrainian Bakery

Ukrainian Bakery is a small business based in Strand, Western Cape. This project was inspired by the First Ukrainian Festival in Cape Town, 2017. At first it was launched as a bakery, but following countless requests from customers, it expanded into a food company. Today, we are proud to offer the freshest and finest traditional  homemade Ukrainian food, such as varenyky, borsch, pampushky, deruny, holubtsi, holodets’,  nalysnyky, kyshka, and much more. We are also thrilled to present a wide variety of delicious baked goods and specialty cakes. All of these items are handmade from scratch, using only natural ingredients. Our menu is constantly growing, so please check back often for new offerings. We care about the quality and reputation of our brand, and we always strive to provide the best possible service. Ukrainian Bakery is a home operation in Strand, but we offer delivery throughout Cape Town. http://www.ukrbakery.co.za/ ; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ukrbakery.za/ 

phone: 071 334 6956  / email : [email protected]

Bistro 44

The Bistro 44 on the R44 in Wellington, is a family owned bistro run by Antonina, a Ukrainian, and Martyn, a South African. The visitors are greeted by Ukrainian and South African flags. The borsch and varenyky are always available on the menu here. You can also order other Ukrainian dishes in advance.

phone: 0832708554 / email: [email protected]


Klintuhova Varenyky

Tatiana Klindukhova

Tatiana Klindukhova offers a variety of homemade varenyky with potato & onions, potato & mushrooms; mushrooms & cabbage; and sweet cottage cheese (homemade cottage cheese). She also offers vegetarian holubtsi with mushrooms and ordinary holubtsi with beef mince, in addition to pickled cabbage, Easter bread, called paska, and variety of Ukrainian cakes. Delivery is available in Pretoria and Johannesburg (Midrand)

phone: 0834608619


Tetiana Galkina-Bell

Tetiana Galkina-Bell offers a variety of homemade Ukrainian food: varenyky, borsch, holubtsi  as well as variety of traditional salads and cakes including Napoleon cake and Honey cake. All order to pick up from Johannesburg, Randburg, Ferndale

phone: 0795297125 / Facebook: Delicios European Food