“Bitter Harvest” Screening at the “Labia Theatre”

22 November – commemoration of the 85-th anniversary of the Great Famine (Holodomor) by screening the movie [...]

“The Magic Spell” Cartoon

6 May – cartoon «The Magic Spell” (2016) at the Labia Theatre in Ukrainian with English subtitles

Movie “Alive”

6 April – movie “Alive” (1 h 33 min; 2016; Ukraine) by Taras Khymych in Ukrainian with [...]

“Ukrainian Sheriffs” Documentary

3 April – documentary movie “Ukrainian Sheriffs” by Roman Bondarchuk (1h. 25 min, Ukraine, 2015) at the [...]

Looks Like Home Screening

14 March – screening of the movie «Looks like home» by Oleksandr Nazarov and Angelina Kariakina (45 [...]

Euromaidan. Rough cut Screening

6 March – screening of the documental movie by Roman Bondarchuk «Euromaidan. Rough cut», 60 min. Ukraine. [...]