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Ukrainians of South Africa: Society, Identity and Future

September 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

All you wanted to know about Ukrainians in South Africa!

The Ukrainian Association in South Africa (UAZA) in cooperation with the International Institute of Education, Culture and Diaspora Relations (Ukr. МІОК)  have conducted research on the Ukrainian community abroad and conducted a unique survey of Ukrainians in South Africa, the result is now available in Ukrainian and English.

The publication starts with the historical explorations of the Ukrainian community in South Africa and then looks into migration from Ukraine to South Africa, describes a typical portrait of a Ukrainian migrant in South Africa, the causes and features of the migration process, challenges and problems of integration of Ukrainian migrants in South Africa, identity preservation and transformation, the process of forming Ukrainian communities, maintaining a network between migrants and Ukraine, as well as a vision of their future and prospects of the community. Particular attention is paid to the problems and needs of Ukrainian migrants in South Africa, on the basis of which proposals and recommendations were formulated for various actors in the public and private sectors.

Ukrainians in the RSA by Gender

The English translation of the publication was made possible with the support of the Ukrainian Embassy to South Africa.

Read the full publication in Ukrainian or English.