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“The Victors” Exhibition

November 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

6Nov_3Dec_Victors36 November – 3 December the exhibition “The Victors” at the Central Library, Cape Town. The project “The Victors” was created to support psychological rehabilitation and reintegration in social life of people with disabilities all over the world via sport. The photographs present the exceptional human abilities of those who lost parts of their body but have not lost their strong spirit.

6Nov_3Dec_Victors4The exhibition consists of 17 photos of Paralympians, veterans, volunteers of Anti-Terrorist Operation in Ukraine (ATO) who despite being amputees have become sport role models. The photos were made by well-known artist Alexander Morderer.

Photo project “The Victors” allows many people to be inspired by sport and to change their perception of disabled people.

During the exhibition 50 people have wrote their impressions and comments about the exhibition.