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“Ukrainian Sheriffs” Documentary

April 3, 2017 | 0 Comments

3 April – documentary movie “Ukrainian Sheriffs” by Roman Bondarchuk (1h. 25 min, Ukraine, 2015) at the “Labia Theatre” in Ukrainian with English subtitles

This is a documentary about small town in the East of Ukraine, where the nearest police HQ is too far away to be effective, and community appoints two Sheriffs to tackle the town’s problems.

Ukrainian Sheriffs is a real life story about two local sheriffs and the villagers of a remote village near Crimea, Stara Zburievka. Following the sheriffs on their everyday duties, the story gives us a look beyond the war and the ongoing political events inside the everyday life of the villagers, foregrounding the tension between personal survival and political justice.

What was meant to be a film about a few people from the Ukrainian countryside and their everyday struggles, arousing mainly from prevalent unemployment, poverty and illiteracy, at the end portrays the faith of a whole nation during the turning period in its history.

Trailer and info: www.ukrainiansheriffs.com