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Movie “Alive”

April 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

6 April – movie “Alive” (1 h 33 min; 2016; Ukraine) by Taras Khymych in Ukrainian with English subtitles. The movie tells the story of Ukrainian Patriotic Army that was fighting for Ukrainian independence during and after the WW II.

Based on real events that took place in the 1950s, the movie tells a story of a young Ukrainian girl who finds herself in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army camp while trying to evade persecution from the Soviet system. A couple of years before her death, Anna Popovych, on whose biography the movie is based, granted her permission to Taras Khymych to produce a screen version of her life’s events. Filming took place in Gorgany, a well-known mountain range in Western Ukraine, where Popovych’s real-life drama unfolded some 60 years ago.

In the Carpathian Mountains a girl by the name of Anna often experiences supernatural phenomena. After finding herself at the very centre of Ukrainian insurgents’ struggle against prevailing forces of the Soviet Empire, a voice that she hears and dreams that she sees not only warn Anna of the looming danger but also change the fate of those that surround her.

The film was presented at Ukrainian pavilion of the 69th Film Market Cannes Film Festival.

Trailer: http://www.zhyvamovie.com/en/