Committees that were approved on 1st founding meeting

of Ukrainian Association in South Africa (UAZA)


Ukrainian School, Language and Education Projects


The committee is overseeing Ukrainian School and works toward promoting Ukrainian language and specifically Ukrainian language classes in South Africa. Supports educational exchanges between Ukraine and South Africa, promotes opportunities for education in Ukraine.


Ukrainian culture projects


(Ukrainian Days in SA)

The committee plans and promotes Ukrainian culture events, supports Ukrainian and South African cultural cooperation, visits of artists from Ukraine to South Africa and vice versa. It is also oversees the Ukrainian Days in South Africa event.


Organisation Development


The committee focuses on reaching Ukrainians in South Africa and promoting UAZA to them. It is also aims to support development of UAZA presence in all provinces of South Africa.


The committee collects and disseminates information about different professions that Ukrainians are involved in South Africa.


It is also collecting information about legal and socio-economic matters to support Ukrainians living in South Africa in their everyday life.


Support for Ukraine-South Africa Economic Cooperation


The committee focuses on promotion of economic cooperation and trade between Ukraine and South Africa. It promotes awareness of economy of Ukraine and potential of economic cooperation.


The committee also supports promoting UAZA members’ enterprises in South Africa and abroad.




The committee promotes information about Ukraine among South Africans via cooperation with media and other information dissemination platforms.


The committee also prepares and promotes information about UAZA, its activities and objectives and prepares marketing materials about the organisation.


Humanitarian Projects


The committee is working on identifying and supporting charity projects in Ukraine and South Africa. It is organises charity events to support vulnerable groups in Ukraine.