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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

December 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

UAZA wishes you a very happy festive season!
Веселих Свят!

We are very grateful for all your support through the past year and look forward to sharing many more events with you in 2022!

The holidays are a time to reflect – 2021 was a busy year as:

> Children in Durban started to learn Ukrainian language and art at the new branch of the Ukrainian school in South Africa

> Ukrainians and South Africans had planted pomegranate trees contributing to the inspiring Greening of the Planet initiative – to plant 1 000 000 trees in 100 countries

> Adults got an opportunity to learn Ukrainian at the online language classes “Rodosliv”

> Ukrainians in SA celebrated the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence

> We learned together about the connections between Eastern European communities in South Africa

> We dreamed big and for first time ever UAZA put together the contemporary dance performance “The Forest” that celebrated the 150th anniversary of Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka

> The new UAZA Executive Committee at the 5th  General meeting (online) was elected by members from 8 cities in SA approved a new mission

> The Women’s Club “Beregynya” was established to celebrate our heritage and traditions

> At the 5th Ukrainian Festival we discovered multiple talents, spoke about art, diplomacy, economics, history and much more

> Two memorial benches were unveiled in Cape Town and Riversdale honouring the victims of Holodomor

> We counted over 6000 of Ukrainians in South Africa while doing research on “Ukrainians in South Africa: Society, Identity and Future” in partnership with MIOK

UAZA is collaborative association based on rich Ukrainian culture heritage that promotes networks between Ukrainians and South Africans for mutual development, increased awareness and inner growth of individuals and societies, invites you to cooperate the following formats: 

You have a sincere desire to promote good by your own example – you and/or your activities are related to education, culture, art, craftbusiness, medicaltraveletc. We cover information about your achievements and aspirations for FREE, so that as many people from different cities of South Africa as possible learn about each other. This tool will facilitate collaboration and the establishment of new partnerships, the generation of interesting ideas and projects. Please send requests to [email protected].

You can support the project and help others to realize their dreams and desires.
So we offer various ways for you to donate and make someone dream come true, go to check here. Please submit all questions to [email protected]

Unity is our strength!
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