Who are Ukrainians in Cape Town?​​ 

Ana Kuni​​ is Ukrainian-born artist currently residing in Cape Town. The main subject of her work is a Warrior Girl- modern human of Today, exploring the importance of Wild Nature in the man-made society. She has recently completed a mural in Salt River, which was part of International public art festival​​ www.ipafest.co.za​​ , along with 40 local and international artists with intention to Uplift, Engage, Empower the area. The message behind the mural is "Feed Your Dream". Her own dream is to paint inspirational pieces all over the world, specially​​ in communities that need it the most.​​ 


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​​ Oleksii or Alex, is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine and has been dancing professionally for most of his life. Oleksii's training includes Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Irish Tap, Stage Acrobatics, Latin, Traditional Folk Dance and Ballroom. He became​​ a professional dancer as part of the Virsky Ballet Company at the age of 17 where he toured through America, Japan, Canada, Europe and Mexico.​​ 
Since moving to South Africa in 2013, Oleksii has been involved in numerous productions including last seasons "Queen at the Ballet" with Bovim Ballet. He has most recently made his debut in musical theatre in the Fugards production of "West Side Story".​​ 

In 2016​​ Oleksii and Michele Strength Act​​ become semi-finalists in SA Got​​ Talent live show. Oleksii​​ performed​​ at the Ukrainian Festival​​ in Cape Town 2017.



Photo of Dr. Natalia Novikova

Dr Novikova​​ is a highly skilled​​ gynaecologist​​ and laparoscopic surgeon who have a special interest in urogynaecology. She has recently joined private practice in Cape Town after working as the head of the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in East London for four years.

Dr Novikova became a doctor​​ and completed PhD​​ in National Medical University in Kiev,​​ Ukraine where she grew up.​​ 

Dr Novikova teaches medical students, junior doctors and specialists in training. She takes part in global research by being an associate editor of Cochrane Library which is the top source of evidence in medicine. She published extensively in medical journals and has over 50 publications and presented at various local and international congresses.​​